Every day, we walk onto construction sites with one goal in mind – to get the job done safely. We take great pride in the role we play in shaping the communities in which we live, work and play. But even more than that, we feel an unwavering responsibility to each other, our families, and our friends to make sure we all return home safe every day. Construction safety week.1

It’s an important message for every Intern, Co-op, and New College Graduate associates. It’s also a great reminder for seasoned construction veterans. Having a culture of safety reduces the risk of accidents such as electrocution, falls, and equipment malfunctions. Contractors that have an excellent safety record are much more likely to get the job done on time and on budget, proving to be more efficient and productive overall. Finally, when clients are deciding which General Contractor to do business with, safety ratings will pose a factor in their decision on whether to do business with us or not.

ARCOSafe’s Mission is clear: Eliminate accidents and injuries, and preserve property during the construction process. A tall order for sure. Working with the ARCOSafe team is a great place to start if you want to experience firsthand what proper training and guidance look like.

Safety Intern or Co-op

As a Safety Intern or Co-op, you’ll have the opportunity to work with safety managers, develop programs, and travel to multiple project types. This will include:  

  • Visit Jobsites and get hands-on experience from our expert field personnel on projects in a variety of industries including distribution, office, food service, multi-family housing, entertainment, and more.
  • Hone your safety skills working directly with an experienced Safety Manager on design/build construction projects, clients including Fortune 500 companies, award-winning commercial real estate developers, and small business end-users.
  • Make meaningful contributions to ARCO’s success by performing critical safety-related tasks.

New College Graduate Safety Supervisor

After you graduate and begin your career as a Safety Supervisor, you’ll have the opportunity to build your expertise by overseeing safety best practices on projects during high-risk scopes, working with a highly skilled project team, and conducting safety inspections. Additional responsibilities include:

  • Educate and train associates on health and safety-related issues.
  • Oversee safety on project sites during particularly high-risk scopes or as requested.
  • Control hazardous working conditions and unsafe activities through safety management and collaboration with other operations supervisory personnel.
  • Motivate associates to maintain high levels of participation through awards programs and other recognition.
  • Work closely with Project Managers, Superintendents, and subcontractors to ensure the implementation of safety policies.
  • Work closely with Project Managers and Superintendents to enforce ARCO Safety Policies at the project level.
  • Ensure subcontractor documentation is complete and accurate.
  • Ensure required equipment training is conducted and documented.
  • Clarify safety rules and provide technical expertise and solutions to safety challenges onsite.
  • Communicate and document safety expectations to safely produce quality work during safety orientations for the scope of work.
  • Attend and actively engage in all site meetings to promote safety.
  • Lead and collaborate with the team in investigating all safety incidents to determine the cause, implement corrective actions, and report incidents, as required.
  • Perform other duties as required or assigned that are reasonably within the scope of the duties enumerated above.

What is the most important thing you as a prospective Safety Intern, Co-op, or New College Graduate should know before coming to ARCO? Everyone is allowed to mold their experience into what works for them individually. You will get out of your ARCO experience what you put into it. Expect to work hard and play hard.

Ready to be a part of ARCO’s winning team where safety is a priority? See ARCO’s internship, co-op, and entry-level opportunities..

Safety Interns and Co-ops Share Comments about their Recent ARCO Experiences

  • “I do not think there is another Internship that can offer the relationships, knowledge, experience, and just pure fun that ARCO offers.”
  • “Throughout my internship, I was consistently amazed by the level of mentorship and guidance I received from my colleagues. They were not only experts in their fields but also dedicated teachers who were genuinely invested in my growth and development. Their willingness to patiently explain concepts, answer questions, and provide hands-on experience was truly remarkable. What stood out to me the most was the emphasis on hands-on learning. I wasn’t confined to the sidelines; I was entrusted with meaningful projects that challenged me and pushed me to think creatively and critically. This practical experience not only bolstered my skills but also instilled a newfound confidence in my abilities.”
  • “I was encouraged to engage in discussions, share ideas, and actively contribute to team meetings. Reflecting on my time as an intern, I am immensely grateful for the opportunities I was given and the knowledge I gained. This internship not only provided me with invaluable insights into the industry but also helped me discover my true passion and potential.”
  • “The trust, involvement, and mentorship ARCO invests in their internship program is beyond what I could ever expect.”

1 Construction Safety Week